Over so soon!

Hi guys. I haven’t been enjoying my blog as much as I’d hoped so for that reason am stopping. Will still be checking your blogs out! Many thanks for your support!


6 thoughts on “Over so soon!

  1. sorry to read this, I was just enjoying your blog. However, I always think that blogging should only be done when it is enjoyable, so completely understand that it is better to stop than carry on with something that isn’t bringing you much pleasure. Very best wishes, and if you do start writing again I shall look forward to future posts!


  2. Aw!!! 😦
    That’s too bad. I liked hearing from you.
    Personally, I blog because I love showing my work and hearing comments and interacting with other people from around the world. Especially since I don’t have a local community of knitters (except my mom) or spinners or anything like that. It just doesn’t exist here. Most of the community is USA-based, it seems. And there are crafters in Australia, NZ, Europe as well.
    I don’t like spending too much time writing blog posts – I like to have some photos to upload (taking good photos is something I struggle with and am trying to improve) and write a few words, but not too much. I’m not much of a writer. Some people’s blogs have great text which I love to read, while in other blogs I just skim through the text and look at the pretty pictures. I used to have a sewing blog which I had taken down, so I learned from that experience what makes blogging fun and enjoyable for me and what doesn’t.

    Hope to hear from you, on my blog or anywhere. I enjoyed your take on knitting and in general.
    You might enjoy instagram (I’m https://instagram.com/nowiknit/) – there’s a wonderful community of crafters and you get to see their lovely work in pictures and maybe we could follow your work there, if you’re so inclined.



  3. Oh! That’s too bad! I just discovered you, but I love your sense of humor. But I do understand. Blogging takes a lot of time and if you aren’t enjoying it, why do it?


  4. I hate to see you go, Karen, but admire you for giving up something that’s not bringing joy to your life. I wish you the very best and hope that if at some point, you decide to go back to it, you’ll let me know.


  5. That’s fair, certain things only should be done when they bring life. I’ll miss your blog though, I’d discovered it rather recently but like it!


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