Why “Thinkering”? Because I Can’t Stop Tinkering with my Thinking.


Knitting: Currently this shawl is on the needles and has been for far too long. Must. Keep. Knitting. So many other projects await. The pattern’s Old Shale and the yarn’s Filatura Di Crosa Brilla, Color 432. Oh that color. It almost blinds me. I love it so much. And wouldn’t you know, 432 has been discontinued! Will I have enough to knit it the length I want? I think so but it’ll be darn close. See the finished shawl on the left. That’s the length I’m heading for. Stay tuned.

FullSizeRender5I like that shawl on the left. It’s the Crow Waltz Rectangle made with uber-expensive Blue Heron Metallic yarn. The main body of it is Blue Grass (I even like the name), and it’s knitted in an uneven linen stitch. Yup, nice.  FullSizeRender3Thinkering: If you’ve ever thought about the passage of time do have a look at “Ongoingness: The End of a Diary” by Sarah Manguso. The author has been keeping a journal for over 25 years. She doesn’t quote from it in her book, she just writes about the doing of it. Apparently, when Manguso took time out to reread the whole thing she threw out all of one year because nothing really happened in it. Yikes. I’ve thrown out journals because too much was happening. However, the reason she keeps a journal at all is that she can’t stop. I hear you, sister. She sees her days disappearing down the drain without a trace, and it worries her. She wishes for fallow days with nothing at all going on so she can catch up. And all this has become more difficult for her now that she has a son. The journaling has switched from being about her to being about him. Where will this lead, she wonders. Hence her subtitle “The End of a Diary” I think. Compulsive? Overthinker? You bet she is. I so recognize all this. And the larger your family grows the more confusing the problem gets. What about when you have eleven wonderful grandchildren? Do you write their news out as well? How do you separate your news from their news? Do you actually have any news of your own anymore? Do you even have any thoughts of your own? Well, of course you do. You’re thinking about what to write in your journal, for example. Right?


9 thoughts on “Why “Thinkering”? Because I Can’t Stop Tinkering with my Thinking.

  1. ahhhh but the beauty of old shale is that it blocks great!!! you could almost stop now and block it to the length you want!!!! 🙂 Had to chuckle about the grands and what is your news vs theirs….my oldest (age 12) has become my ‘penpal’ and expects newsy letters at least once a week…she opens mine and immediately sits down and write. I’m almost to the point of fictionalized creative writing!!! I’m old. I’m boring. And I knit all day!

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  2. Love the finished shawl, and the yellow/mustard is going to be gorgeous. I’ve done some stuff in linen stitch, but it takes a bit more patience than I have. I’ve used Blue Heron yard, horribly expensive, and also has a mind of its own when it comes to winding it from a skein – I learned the hard way that it doesn’t do well on a ball winder!

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  3. I love the Old Shale, it should stretch to “long enough”. That orange is gorgeous, not so much a color I can wear. Though I’m finding since I’ve gone grey all my color choices are a bit different.

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  4. I have to confess to “finishing” scarves when I become too bored with them (always love the starting but not the finishing). Just call it a neckerchief or cowl. Love that Blue Grass yarn, but boy!, linen stitch would drive me crazy with all that knit-purl-ing. Takes a much more dedicated knitter than I. Once you have children you never have anything of your own, even news. Isn’t that wonderful?

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  5. Old Shale is a wonderful pattern. And blocking on that is magical! Blue Heron is some beautiful yarn but it is mighty expensive. And you turned it into something even more beautiful!

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  6. I read some reviews of the Manguso book could see immediately that it is a must-have for me. I am a compulsive journaler, and I also overthink my journaling: Who am I writing for, What that person or person will want to know, and otherwise How to decide what of the gazillion things possible to record, I should choose? At this time of my life, when I am experiencing a monumental change, I am starting a new journal, and I constantly feel that I am not writing enough. But writing doesn’t slow down the minutes that are passing at breakneck speed, minutes that I want to spend doing some other things also, besides thinking and writing. Like reading a book about all this from another woman’s perspective! Thanks for the tip!


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